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Friday, January 13th, 2012
1:12 pm
my sis and nephew just left :( 

Current Mood: depressed

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
2:12 am
protip: if you ever need to bet against someone, bet against me - I have the worst luck.

I was supposed to get to indiana tonight at about 10:30 or 11pm for an appointment I have in the morning. But (what a surprise!) my plane to Detroit (where I was connecting) got delayed, and I wouldn't be getting to Indiana until 10am in the morning, which would be after the appointment I have.

So instead, I had to change my flight to Midway International, which meant getting in about an hour and a half later than I wanted to (I landed a little after midnight)

So I get my rental car and start driving to my hotel in Indiana (which is about an hour from Midway) and get pulled over by a cop for going 20 miles over the speed limit. I'm extra paranoid about this because I have illicit substances in the car (Aaron pointed out my luck can't be all bad, since I made it through airport security without problems, though I wasn't really expecting any). At least the cop was relatively cool and let me go quickly, but not before telling me I will be getting a ticket in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

So I just got to my hotel at 2am Eastern time (it's actually central time here), I have to be at my appointment in the morning by 8, and its about an hour away, so I am getting less than 4 hours of sleep tonight - which is great, since I barely got any sleep over the weekend either due to staying up too late drinking.

as they say on the internets, "fuck my life."

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Monday, November 14th, 2011
8:59 am

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Monday, June 20th, 2011
2:48 pm
This party's dying so guitar-me!
Lots of private entries lately.  I will get my shit together and post a real public update sometime soon, I promise.

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
12:59 pm
im in ur lj
deletin ur posts lol

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Sunday, February 13th, 2011
9:45 pm
yo i heard u liek livejournal

it's gonna take forever to delete all these.  why not just delete my livejournal?  shut up, that's why.


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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
12:46 am

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
11:24 pm
I'll sleep long and well tonight, 'cause in dreams you're in my sight
Today turned out to go from what I thought would be boring to cool. I woke up to Jenn calling me, and we talked for awhile in the morning. I took a shower and then we talked online for more time. We continued till about 4. At like 3:30 I bet her that her mom would let her go out to lunch with me. I won. Nolan and I got to her house at like 4:30 or 5. She was wearing the Mest shirt she got at the concert. I thought she looked beautiful (which I always do). Nolan had to come in and meet her mom. After we went to steak and shake. It was fun stuff, even though I had to drive the gay-ass truck. Grrr... I want my car to be fixed. Anyway, Jenn was quiet... heh, we have this habit of being quiet around each other's friends. I ate a salad (I am the veggie-masta!) and twas good. We then returned to Jenn's. I asked her mom if she could come watch a movie with us, but she said no because she has not met my parents yet. I plan on that happening soon... We will be driving by there (my mom and I) when I go pick up my car, so I think that would be a good time. Anyway, me and Nolan returned to my house, where we were notified we had to go out to blockbuster to get the Princess Bride. It was not there, so we got Requiem for a Dream instead. Natalie, Jesse, Nolan, and I all watched it. It's a very depressing movie. It's very tragic. It's also very good. I like it. After this we called Dana and Brian. We all went to the park for like an hour and sat around and talked, accopanied by Jeff (he met us there). The drunks and druggies were there... we need to find a new haven. Goddamn them. After that we walked back to Brians and I returned home. Overall, like I said, it was a good day. Tomorrow I have work.. it should be a blast.

Current Mood: chipper

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12:31 am
lost in quiet desperation
I was in a semi-depressed state earlier. Now I feel all good and stuff. Me, Nolan, and Jeff went to the park and talked about random crap. We got bored and headed to blockbuster and just looked at movies. We weren't going to rent anything because we knew I was going home to talk to Jenn at midnight, but we had nothing else to do. So yeah. Jeff always manages to make me smile somehow, no matter how bad of a mood I am in. He rocks. Nolan can always tell when I feel bad, and although we rarely talk about our feelings, we are very alike emotionally. They are good people.

I think I am going to try giving up meat. Not for any sort of animal rights thing, but simply to see how long I can do it. I have never really tested my willpower, and I am interested in it.

I thought about Jenn alot today too. Somehow, when I am talking to her, when I am with her, everything is just better. Colors are brighter, sounds are more beautiful, and the world is just a better place to be in. That probably sounds really really sappy and Dashboard-ish, but the truth is I am just happier being around her. Looking back at my moods in livejournal, they have all taken a decided turn for the better, with a few exceptions, after I met her. Life is just... good. Other people have noticed too. My mom, for example, has said I have just been in a good mood lately. I just wish we got to hang out more. Saves the Day probably says it best: "To me you are the light, from a lightbulb that breaks sometimes, and the tender warmth inside is released into my life."

Aww... emo kids in love are so cute.l

Current Mood: calm

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Monday, June 3rd, 2002
8:00 pm

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7:53 pm
I hope dinner is ready soon

You have Serial Experiments Lain eyes!

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Current Mood: hungry

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5:03 pm
If the link above is flashing, you have been selected as a winner
Okay. Yesterday I got up at like... 11 or something. Sat about talking to Jenn and reading things online and such. Eventually, Brian, Dana, and I went to the mall. We were awed by the non-humor that is George Carlin. I really wouldn't mind too much if he died. He is completely not funny. People need to learn that there is a difference between being offensive and dark humor. It sickens me that his literature actually sells. Anyway. I returned home at like 6. I talked to Jenn online for awhile. At about 8 the dorks showed up and we played Dungeons and Dragons. It was fun, although Geoff was kind of annoying... it seemed like he didn't want to be there. Bill is running a cool campaign. After they left I got back online and continued talking to Jenn. We talked till about 3, when she fell asleep. She slept with me. Hehe. Today I got up at like 10 and took a shower. At about 11 Jenn called me from a payphone in Publix and we talked for like half an hour. Her mom was shopping or something. She came home and called me back and we talked until Adam Piatkowski called my sister at about 1:30. I then spent the next hour or so lying on my bed listening to a bunch of new songs I downloaded. They rock. I picked up Natalie's friends Fayek and Ashley from summer school because we planned on going to savers... we still might go, but it will be later. Now, I must be off to take my car to the shop. I hope it is fixed soon.

Current Mood: bored

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1:54 am
Jenn and me slept together last night.

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Sunday, May 5th, 2002
1:29 am
my revenge on brian shall be sweet OR tomorrow is going to be great
Hehe... just got home from Brandon's. After work I went to Carin's to meet them and then to Brandon's to watch a movie. Instead of doing that, however, we went to some incredibly insane Christian fanatics website about preventing masturbation in your kids. I will give you all a link soon since I nearly met the REAPER HIMSELF DEATH YOU FOOLS laughing so hard at it. It was so hilarious. So then Brandon IMed random people saying he loved them and making masturbatory references and then brian did as well. I, however, opted to pretend to be a Japanese guy who hated Americans. It was HILarious, in fact, it put the "Japanese" in HUMOR. They all got into a wonderous fight involving water from Brandon's waste repository (toliet) and I eventually got some dumped on me by good ol' Brian. So later when Carin had him pinned down for doing to her I traumatized his testicles violently with my fist. Bastard. So then Carin had to be home and I had to leave. Before I made it out to the car, however, Brian poured even more toliet water on me, so I shall bring him to sweet oblivion by means of some elaborate ruse designed to make him kill himself becuase he becomes so embarrassed in front of his peers.

On a more unhappy note (at least for me), Jenn met a "pretty" punk guy at the mall friday night. Oh well, hopefully I'm prettier. Yeah fucking right :(

I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow, but I'm expecting my hopes to be crushed, as usual.

Current Mood: happpppy and saaaad

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Saturday, May 4th, 2002
1:19 am
more weirdness
Okay shit. All these bad memories are like flooding back to me in clumps... cutting open my fingertips in 9th and 10th grade because I was depressed and bored... sitting in my room with only a blacklight on staring at the wall all night... my room a mess because my dad pulled out all the drawers in all the furniture in my room and threw all the shit in them all over the place... drinking myself into a depressed stupor.... what the hell is going on? Why am I feeling this way right now? Why should I be unhappy? Im talking to Jenn on the phone which usually makes me really really happy but right now it is depressing me even more for some reason. Im so strange. I need something to calm me down and I don't know what. Fuck, I hope I can work tomorrow.

Current Mood: depressed

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Sunday, March 24th, 2002
3:23 pm

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3:17 pm

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2:57 pm
And and...

I'm a shy, sensitive punk rocker, the most artistic of them all. I'm Kurt Cobain!
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2:51 pm
Hi there.

What era of Trent Reznor are you? Take the What Trent Are You? quiz to find out!
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Current Mood: tired

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2:01 am
...another year on the streets
I woke up at 11 and went to Wendys. Came home, took a bunch of tests, and worked for 8 hours. Got home at 9, took a shower, answered several phone calls while doing so. Got out and went online. Talked to Melissa, found out her curfew is 11:30 so we couldn't do anything. Picked up Ted Danson and Brian, proceeded to my house. Called Jeff, asked if we could borrow the 64. He said yes. Walked to Geoff's house (where Jeff's car was parked) and rummaged through it, unable to find the 64. Walked back to my house. Took the vanilla-extract-fruit-juice challenge, which was pretty unfufilling. Played SNES and talked, watched bad flash animations. Took them home, listening to Agent Felix all the way. Returned home.

Current Mood: blank

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